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Hi, I'm Julia

I turn great content
into a captivating website
without any code

Previously an account executive in a digital-agency, now I create adaptive business websites, landing pages, blogs and editorial projects, using Tilda Publishing platform. Quickly and stress-free.
Feel free to contact me via facebook or any messanger. Or just drop a line here!
Your name
Hello, my name is Yulia Khusid. For 6 years I've been working in a digital studio, managing web and mobile projects for clients worldwide. While artificial intelligence, VR and neural networks are trending, a website is no longer a complicated thing.
Now I work with startups, creative entrepreneurs and SMBs, providing fast and beautiful web development without any code — with Tilda Publishing. Storytelling, product presentation or landing page testing — I turn ideas into interactive digital experiences. I'm also a mother and when I'm not working on projects, I spend time with my family, who motivate me to do my best.

I'm always open to new exciting projects, so if you'd like to chat feel free to contact me.

My clients

  • Creative entrepreneurs
  • Event agencies
  • HoReCa
  • IT-companies
  • Instagram moms

  • Microsite
  • Product presentation
  • Landing page
  • Tiny online store
  • Personal or corporate blog

Whether you're just getting started or are an established brand, the modern website helps your business grow. We focus on what matters most — your content, and reach the audience with the most valuable message. Save the budget — no coding expenses make our project a great deal!

In average, the project will take 3 – 4 weeks and involve the client in content preparation.
The process
When working with an agency you go through at least 5 stages: planning, sketching, design, development and delivery. It may take up to 6 months and be very budget consuming. My simple process without coding takes a couple of weeks:
We talk a lot: What's the purpose of this website? Who's the target audience? Who are your competitors? What actions do you want the visitors to take? Why customers choose your product? Then I prepare a proposal, and we finalize the agreement on a budget, scope of project and timeline.

Research, ideas & sketch
Checking all the local and international competitors and learning from their content. Finding the visual structure and Information hierarchy. Style tiles approvement: the logo, typography, colors and tone of voice. Receiving the content: texts, photos, videos.
Finishing up 🚀
I use beautiful pre-designed customizable templates and put the website together. Launching, integrations, setting an analytics and custom domain. Testing and mobile adaptation.
Hundreds of beautiful sites have already been created with Tilda. Here are examples for inspiration:
The result — a modern website
Tilda Publishing — is an outstanding content management system with a perfect UX. Websites, I create using Tilda, are adaptive, neat and content-driven. Moreover, it gives complete freedom over creative process — we don't have to think about any technical aspects.
Among my clients are entrepreneurs, freelancers, creative folks and microbusiness. Those who appreciate the speed of the project, a deep immersion in their topic and human relations.❤️
I'm always looking forward to new opportunities,
ping me if you got any.
Julia Khusid
+7 964 1886 333
+7 922 3351 756
Viber / Telegram / Whatsapp / SMS
P. S. Even if you do not need a website now, there is always a friend who is suffering from this issue. Tell your friends about me, they will thank you! Click:
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